Diverse Building

C.Bakalas Sa Brief

  • The C.BAKALAS S.A. (Inc.) story begins in 1930 as a strictly contracting operation. At the time, the guiding vision was to design and construct memorable, exceptional, urban buildings which were practically non-existent at the time.
  • Shortly after WW-2, in 1949, C.BAKALAS S.A. emerged as a pioneer in major construction of its time. The pioneering creativity extended beyond the building itself to include choice of location — in fact, extending the urban scope of the city at either end (such as Faliro by the sea or Kifissia in the north). Some of the most famous dwellings within and outside Athens city-centre were created at this time.
  • Since 1987, the company has expanded its activities , constructing bespoke buildings for global clients (such as British Airways, AIG, Alico, Metlife, Carglass, SINGULAR LOGIC). Of course, C.BAKALAS S.A. continued to provide exceptional private housing as well.
    To facilitate a straightforward and open collaboration with our clients and to introduce better budgetary control, C.BAKALAS S.A. implemented a cost + fee approach to every project.
  • Throughout its history, C.BAKALAS S.A. has collaborated with the best and most inspired architects, civil and mechanical engineers.
  • The company is soon appreciated for its earned experience in the above field and since 1989 is entrusted with the design and management of several projects in Greece as well as in Cyprus and Central Eastern Europe. Since 1992, C.BAKALAS S.A. is a registered Consultant to the EU Programs DGI and PHARE, for technology transfer and advancement to the Eastern European Countries.
  • In the year 2001 the company has been certified with EN ISO 9001:2000
  • As of 2002 C.BAKALAS S.A. has added bioclimatic (energy saving, “quasi-zero energy” consumption) to its expert offerings.
  • As of 2010, the financial melt-down in Greece effectively stopped new construction in the country; this led us to re-focus and acquire expertise in renovation, buildings re-assigning and re-inventing.

Our activities presently cover the following fields:

  • Renovation, re-assignment and re-invention: office buildings, and commercial centres, private housing, hotels;
  • Construction and sale of office buildings ,luxury apartments and as well commercial centers;
  • Management contracts;
  • Architectural, Structural and Mechanical Engineering Designs;
  • Feasibility Studies, Consulting, Costing and Cost Estimates etc.


Constructions prior 1982

Projects Address Architect
“APERGI” Hotel (now owned by LATSIS Company) Kefalari – Kifissia C. Kapsabelis
Building of Appartments 3, Kanari Str. – Kolonaki C. Kapsabelis
BAKALAS Building 44, Panepistimiou Str Iasson Rizos
BAKALAS FOUNDATION Building 20, Panepistimiou Str. Iasson Rizos
PESMAZOGLOU Building Akadimias and Kanari Str. C. Kapsabelis
OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Buildings 96, Syggrou Ave. Iasson Rizos
OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Buildings 98 – 100, Syggrou Ave C. Stamatis
Complex of Luxury Appartments – sq.m. 15.600 50 Ethn.Antistaseos Str.- Chalandri Iasson Rizos
Office Building 10-12, Dorileou Str. – Mavili Sq. Stelios Agiostratitis
ALICO Insurance Company Building and Shopping Center “FORUM” – sq.m. 8.500 119 Kifissias Ave. – Marousi Stelios Agiostratitis


Recent Constructions

Projects Architect Construction Sq.metres
Carglass Headquarters D. Handrinos C. BAKALAS 1.200
High Luxury Appartment – 3-storey Building in Politia Andreas Agiostratitis C. BAKALAS  1.100
High Luxury Appartment – 3-storey Building in Kastri Andreas Agiostratitis C. BAKALAS 1.000
Choppard – Franck Muller & Kassis shops in Mykonos   C. BAKALAS  
Expo Showroom in Marousi Theodore Zouboulakis C. BAKALAS SA 300
Club Med Hotel Mare Nostrum Boutique in Vravrona G. Burrowes C. BAKALAS SA  
Renovation of 4-storey Building on Patission Str. G. Albanis Project Management  
High Luxury Swimming Pool with auxilliary spaces in Kifissia Vlad Pop Project Management  
High Luxury Appartment in H. Attikou Str. Stelios Agiostratitis Project Management 210
Interior Design & Construction of the Main lobby, Main Restaurant and Boutique of ATHENIA Club MED – Golden Coast in Marathon D. Batsi C. BAKALAS SA  
Office Building Stelios Agiostratitis C. BAKALAS SA 3.000

Enet Solutions A.E. Head Office in Metamorfosi

Technica Hellas C. BAKALAS SA 420
Gavello’s in N. Douka and Voukourestiou str. in Athens   C. BAKALAS SA  
ALICO Insurance Company Building in Budapest Hungary A.I.G. REALTY Budapest
Hungary Electro- mechanical Design and Management
C. BAKALAS S.A and J. Papagrigorakis and Associates 3.600
15 ALICO Insurance Company Branches in Athens, Piraeus, Salonika, Patras, Crete, Volos   C. BAKALAS SA Interior Design  
CITROEN” Head Offices Service and Showroom Stelios Agiostratitis Project Management 15.000
High Standard Internal Luxury Swimming Pool with auxiliary spaces Stelios Agiostratitis Project Management at Amaroussion 350
Storey Villa at Politia 3-Storey Villa at Politia Stelios Agiostratitis Project Management 820
5-Storey Building of ALICO Insurance Company in Nicosia – Cyprus C. BAKALAS SA Interior Design Design of Office Floors’ – Internal Arrangements  
Villa at Leonidion Theodore Zouboulakis Project Management  
Head Offices and Showroom of “FOSS” Lighting Design Company at the LEMOS Building – Kolonaki Christina Papadimitriou Project Management 220
Villa at ThrakoMakedones Vlad Pop Project Management 600
High Standard Internal Luxury Swimming Pool with auxiliary spaces at Filothei Vlad Pop Project Management 200
Extention of two floors and construction of a Villa at Amaroussion Antonios Vardas Project Management 410
Extention and re-construction of a Villa at P. Psychiko (1997) Christos Lebessis Project Management 450
Office Building at Glyfada (1997) Vlad Pop C.BAKALAS SA 4000
Head Office of “Global Finance” in Kolonaki Sqr (1997) Vlad Pop Project Management 400
Auxilliary Office of “Global Finance” in Maroussi (2001) Vlad Pop Project Management


High Standard Internal Luxury Swimming Pool with auxiliary spaces at Kefalari (1997) SAWAYA & MORONI Project Management 300
Rinaldo Gavello’s Jewel Show Rooms in Athens Francesco Dioguardi Project Management  
The “Diamond Club” Jewel Show Rooms and Laboratories in Syntagma Sqr Edith Leschke Project Management 300
High Standard Luxury Villa in Philothei (2006) Dimitris Agiostratitis Project Management 1.200
High Sandard Luxury Maisonettes Buildings in Ekali (2007) Dimitris Agiostratitis Project Management 1.200
High Standard Luxury Villa in Philothei N. Bouboulis Project Management  
A 4-storey Luxury Appartments Building in Glyfada Vlad Pop Project Management 300
A High Standard Luxury Villa in Ekali Vlad Pop Project Management 1.600
High Standard luxury Villa in Penteli Nik. Bouboulis Project Management 1.220
High Standard Luxury Villa in Psychico Andreas Vourekas Petalas Project Management 4.500
High Luxury Loghouse Chalet in Parnassos mountain   Project Management 750
High Luxury Appartments Building in Politia – Kokinara (Under construction) Stelios & Andreas Agiostratitis Project Management 1.600
High Standard Luxury Appartments Building in Kastri (Under Construction) Stelios & Andreas Agiostratitis Project Management 1.600


In order to achieve its goals, the company, beside the administrative and technical staff, is cooperating with the leading Architects, Civil Engineers and Mech. Engineers.

The Company’s Architectural-Mechanical Department uses up-to-date computer technology including CAD systems, laser printers and plotters.